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Right now, we fear the things we cannot see; be it the virus, the future or a smile. Therefore, I am choosing to believe. To believe that we are taking care of each other. And to believe that a smile can still exist behind a mask, even when we can't see it. 

With my 200mm lens, I was able to photograph friends and family from 6+ feet away, from the comfort of their own front lawns, serving as a reminder to trust the eyes: a window in.

Additionally, I asked each individual: "What makes you smile on a bad day in quarantine?" Hover (for desktop), or click (for mobile) on the photos below...

normalcy, normal do.

Thank you all for giving me more reasons to smile.

-Fiona Winch

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self-portrait 35mm lens

my poem about coming home 4/24/2020

"The sounds around I know I knew;

A pop, a knock, a pour, a chew. 

I close my eyes and still can tell;

The tick, the tock, the horn, the bell. 

I hear my dear old father play, 

Or the collie bark the night away.

The radio humming a busy tune,

The tv competing till very soon...

My mother insists a peaceful rest,

The woods around us don’t protest. 

The sounds I know I knew too well,

A house is more than just its shell. 

They suddenly come back to me

Of life, of home, familiarity."

Self Portrait 35mm lens

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